Marine Radio Operator's Certificate

Short Range Certificate

The RYA Short Range Certifcate (SRC) is an elementary marine radio operator's certifcate allowing you to operate a marine VHF radio from a boat up to 24 metres in length or 300 GRT.
If you are looking for a more advanced certificate then we would suggest you consider obtaining the Long Range Certificate (LRC), which is a higher grade certificate and allows you to use all marine communication equipment from onboard a boat up to 24 metres in length or 300 GRT.

Long Range Certificate

The GMDSS Long Range Certificate (LRC) gives the radio operator a wide scope of equipment which can be fitted to a yacht allowing for a greater range of communication than the few miles covered by marine VHF radio. image

Marine Radio Certificate course dates

Long Range Certificate course over 2 days.
Please only consider doing the two day LRC on-line course if you can do the following:-

  • Be prepared to complete ALL the on-line study.
    • Usually takes 15 to 20 hours.
    • Allow several days to complete the on-line study.
  • You have very good Internet access.
  • You can attend our training studio near Southampton for 2 days.
 Start DateFinish dateCourse CostExam fee 
4th December, 2017 5th December, 2017£340.00£140.00FULL
15th January, 2018 16th January, 2018£340.00£140.00

27th January, 2018 28th January, 2018£340.00£140.00

5th February, 2018 6th February, 2018£340.00£140.00

21st February, 2018 22nd February, 2018£340.00£140.00

5th March, 2018 6th March, 2018£340.00£140.00

21st March, 2018 22nd March, 2018£340.00£140.00

9th April, 2018 10th April, 2018£340.00£140.00

25th April, 2018 26th April, 2018£340.00£140.00

12th May, 2018 13th May, 2018£340.00£140.00

23rd May, 2018 24th May, 2018£340.00£140.00

4th June, 2018 5th June, 2018£340.00£140.00

LRC course over 4 days:
Four day LRC course with exam at our training studio near Southampton with access to our pre-course on-line study.
 Start DateFinish dateCourse CostExam fee 
2nd December, 2017 5th December, 2017£ 420.00£140.00FULL

13th January, 2018 16th January, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

25th January, 2018 28th January, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

3rd February, 2018 6th February, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

19th February, 2018 22nd February, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

3rd March, 2018 6th March, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

19th March, 2018 22nd March, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

7th April, 2018 10th April, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

23rd April, 2018 26th April, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

10th May, 2018 13th May, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

21st May, 2018 24th May, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

2nd June, 2018 5th June, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

Group and Individual tuition available by arrangement.

    GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC)

    The holder of a GMDSS LRC with Inmarsat endorsement and a STCW Navigation Watch Keeping Certificate may apply to the MCA for a form to apply for a GMDSS ROC.

    All officers who have to comply with the requirements of the STCW Code must have their GMDSS Certificate endorsed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

    To obtain an STCW endorsement, send a completed STCW Application Form (currently MSF 4354 rev 02/14) together with supporting documentation to the Maritime Coastguard Agency.
    See for further details.

Who should attend the LRC course:-

  • Anyone planning to spend time at sea
  • Off-shore yachtsmen
  • Ocean Yachtmaster
  • Commercially Endorsed Skippers

    Student Numbers

    Student numbers are kept to a maximum of 6 students per course, so early booking is advised.

To enrol

Phone: 01489 565100
Overseas: 00 44 1489 565 100
Email Address - click here!

Payment can be made over the phone by all major debit and credit cards.

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Customer feedback

Geoff Mills said: "Great radio course, not my first with you and unlikely to be my last."

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Icom M802

The Icom M802 MF/HF transceiver from SailCom Marine comes programed with all UK coastguards MF frequenices and MMSI number along with European simplex frequencies and DSC ship to ship frequencies.
But only from SailCom Marine


Phone: 01489 565100
Overseas: 00 44 1489 565 100
Email Address - click here!


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