Tom Reed from Peterborough said: "Bob was very knowledgable, obviously knows his stuff. Nice relaxed atmosphere. I now feel very confident operating our SSB radio. Which I didn't really have the first clue about, before attending the course. Would highly recommend."
posted: June 18, 2019

Theresa Rowlatt from Hampshire said: "Very informative course - right balance between technical details needed to use radar but not information overload. Felt better informed to use my equipment appreciating its strengths and limitations."
posted: June 12, 2019

Nick Keeler from London said: "Excellent knowledgable tuition; enjoyed my day :!cool:"
posted: June 11, 2019

Guy Sutherland from Brighton, UK said: "An excellent and informative course....thanks Bob! We will definitely be fitting an MF/HF radio for safety at sea."
posted: May 28, 2019

Martin Bevk from Salcombe said: "Thank you Bob, online preparation, website and use works really well, although probably should have made more time to do full 4 Days! I looking forward to communication across the waves."
posted: May 24, 2019

Alex Alley from UK said: "Brilliant course, thanks Bob. Even with over 150,000 miles of offshore sailing and racing professionally, I am glad I did the 4 day LRC course and not the 2 day one!

One thing is for sure, you never stop learning.

Thanks for all the information Bob - really enjoyed it.

Now off for some more sailing...


posted: May 24, 2019

Jamie Abdy Collins from Beaulieu said: "Thank you for the course. You made the subject interesting and fun. The course notes were very well constructed and covered the syllabus in easy chunks.
Thank you"

posted: May 12, 2019

Paul M Mayhew from Gillingham, Kent said: "I thoroughly enjoyed the course.
The on-line pre-course training literature is both comprehensive and very well presented. It will also provide an essential resource of reference in the future.
As the course commenced, Bob's knowledge and extensive experience of operating marine communication equipment became very quickly apparent. However, Bob's explanations and presentation were always clear and easy to understand.
Thank you."

posted: April 17, 2019

Trevor Kirby said: "Another great course at Yachtcom! Comprehensive content knowledgeably presented. Pace of the course allowed the new content to be absorbed and understood and then practised. Very worthwhile course for any boatowners with a radar system installed."
posted: March 26, 2019

Ian from Cornwall said: "I completed the LRC Course with Bob and come exam day, felt very well prepared. I passed, so thanks very much indeed Bob, that was a very instructive and useful few days."
posted: March 26, 2019

Brendan McInerney from USA said: "I'd like to thank Bob for great knowledge and paitence in ensuring we covered all of the theory, procedures and practical use of VHF, HF and other GMDSS equipment. Aside from earning the LRC, I've learned many valuable things which I'm sure I will put to use when I retire and go cruising full time!"
posted: February 11, 2019

Steve Sawkins from Cornwall said: "Bob is a mine of information collected up over many years! A day course is not long enough! You could probably spend a month with him and still be learning! You could never learn as much valuable information online! Many thanks Bob!"
posted: February 4, 2019

James McGarley from Bassenthwaite, Cumbria said: "Really good course - Bob knows all there is to know and is happy to answer any question. Very glad I went for the 4-day option to give me time to absorb so much knowledge!"
posted: January 11, 2019

Paul Harrison from Denmark said: "6 persons at the course, with ample of equipment to work with and a teacher, that has in depth knowledge in ALL aspects of the subjects down to the individual transistor in the units."
posted: January 9, 2019

Milan Broum from London said: "I did both RYA Radar and LRC courses and I'm extremely happy with both of them. They were informative with a lot of practical experience and examples. And at a good pace, too (at least for me). Bob is a great teacher."
posted: January 9, 2019

Darwin from Brazil said: "Highly recommended"
posted: December 7, 2018

Ian Edwards from Stafford said: "Great course well presented"
posted: October 26, 2018

Marco Thyssen from Brussels - Belgium said: "To paraphrase Julius Caesar: We came - We studied - and thanks to Bob's teaching, We passed! All made easy with YachtCom's on-line preparatory teaching..."
posted: October 25, 2018

Nicolas Cohen-Addad from Hong Kong said: "Certainly one of the best sailing related shore training I have attended to. Bob knows how to punch it and he makes LRC easy for everybody. From the notes to the online training to the training equipment everything has been thought through. Can immediately tell that Bob has been doing this for many years! I highly recommended"
posted: October 12, 2018

Geoff Clark from London said: "A really well honed course at exactly the right pace from the expert. I left feeling confident in my newly learnt ability to get on and use the SSB in my boat and with the long range radio certificate passed to make it legal. Thanks Bob."
posted: October 10, 2018

Ed Britton from UK said: "Excellent course. Great materials and well presented. Thank you."
posted: September 14, 2018

Huw Morgan-Jones from Wales said: "Thoroughly enjoyable course. Online training modules were very informative! Bob was very friendly and classroom time was very enjoyable. Hope to see you all again soon."
posted: July 8, 2018

Patrik Hes from Prague, Czech Republic said: "The course was taught very efficiently. Practical, entertaining, fast-paced. Really enjoyed it!"
posted: June 5, 2018

André Ayache from Brighton said: "Bob is a great instructor. I learned a lot in a very enjoyable course. I would highly recommend it."
posted: May 26, 2018

Nick Nottingham from UK said: "A great couple of days with Bob Smith. who trained us comprehensively to pass the exam with ease. It is important to do the pre-work thoroughly though. Thank you!"
posted: May 14, 2018

Dean Barclay from London said: "Excellent training before the exam which for me was much needed. Would highly recommend Yachtcom. Thank you and well done!"
posted: April 27, 2018

Simon Phillips from Sapphire II of London said: "Excellent course for the Long Range Certificate.

Thoroughly recommend Yachtcom."

posted: April 27, 2018

Alasdair Maclean from Esher, Surrey said: "Bob
Thank you for a great course. The structure of online lessons and tests was excellent.
The two day course was fun and I passed! I am looking forward to getting back to the boat and practicing my new skills
Thank you

posted: March 6, 2018

Laszlo from Switzerland said: "The one day SSB course I attended is for everybody recommendable. Bob is a great instructor and has for every problem you may have with the SSB radio the right answer. The training facilities are very well equipped though there is nothing missing. A great highlight and experience for everybody. Do not hesitate booking a course! Greetings from Switzerland, Laszlo. :o :o :o :o :o"
posted: February 27, 2018

David Faucher from France said: "I participated to the RYA radar course. Very interesting. A lot of information to use safely the radar, a very useful device who need skills. Bob Smith is very friendly. I am french but it's not difficult to understand if you know before the subject and read english radar books
Thank you Bob

posted: February 13, 2018

David Cross from Cookham, Berkshire said: "Excellent course covering all aspects about on board communications with a wealth of advice about yachting in general.
Bob is very approachable and friendly giving unbiased advice on Yacht cruising."

posted: January 30, 2018

Chris Regnart from Downton said: "Thanks Bob, it was a great course albeit a bit stressful and a lot to take in over the 4 days..Maybe I should have done a bit more homework before attending! Chris"
posted: January 16, 2018

Guillaume from French Londoner said: "Great online course followed by 2-day intense preparation with real exam type practice. All possible questions were covered in details and beyond.
Superb set up to ensure the candidate is ready for the LRC and Satellite.
Bob has a unique breadth of knowledge in his field. I strongly recommend YachtCom for anyone preparing for blue water sailing."

posted: November 22, 2017

Michele D'Agostino from London said: "I found out about SailCom and Bob on some blog, and I can confirm all the kind words I read on his account.

Bob is the most knowledgeable person when it comes to onboard communications and the related technology.

But it's not just about that, it's the ability of transferring the knowledge to the amateur sailor in a very efficient way that makes him stand up.

And connecting the theory to real life examples made this learning experience more tangible and pleasant.

Highly recommended for anyone who is going at sea."

posted: October 23, 2017

Stuart Kirkham from Salisbury said: "Dear Bob and Claire I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Long Range Radio Certificate course that I attended last week. I really enjoyed the course for several reasons; the first is that I was brought totally upto date on procedures and developments in the world of communications, both radio and satellite. The second is that the course provided a period during which I was able to focus almost exclusively on the syllabus; and the third is that I had the undivided attention of Bob for two days, and it is a rare thing these days to have such access to an expert. I enjoyed our wide ranging discussions and the information that Bob imparted. I look forward to catching up with you in Las Palmas, best regards Stuart"
posted: October 23, 2017

David Buckle from Uk and Portugal said: "Great online content and support from Bob enable me to pass LRC"
posted: September 14, 2017

John Burbeck from Worcester said: "A very comprehensive and thorough training course. Bob made sure I understood, and learnt, all I needed to be able operate the equipment properly and to pass the exam. He has a wide practical and technical knowledge which he uses very effectively to illustrate learning points."
posted: June 8, 2017

lambert from la rochelle (FRANCE) said: "Very good training before the exam ; très content d'avoir obtenu cet examen en anglais , pas si facile,mais on est bien mis en condition par les 2 jours de cours intensif,

Merci , cordialement .

posted: June 7, 2017

Denis Chabassière from France said: "Merci beaucoup à Bob de se cours très bienfait.
Il est accessible par internet avec un niveau d'anglais équivalent au "B3/C1" de la classification européenne.
Nous étions quatre lors de la formation de deux jours,elle allie une approche pragmatique et des exercices qui préparent réellement et efficacement à l'examen.
Nous avons tous beaucoup appris et avons été admis après une épreuve sérieuse et elle aussi très pratique.
Thank you so much Bob !"

posted: May 28, 2017

M stearn from Essex uk said: "Great course .lots of time to practice and pick Bobs' brain on all aspects on the course and equipment :o"
posted: May 26, 2017

Andy Hoare from St Albans said: "Enjoyable course 6-9th of May 2017, comprehensive with good learning techniques that guarantees a successful outcome, many thanks.

posted: May 11, 2017

Mark Vinten from England said: "Many thanks

The E_learning course material was clear and very accessible. The face to face sessions were well structured and delivered."

posted: May 5, 2017

KIM from Denmark said: "I enjoyed the training and is very pleased. I took the online version with the two days on site. I would recommend to take the four days course as the the two days is demanding."
posted: May 4, 2017

Andrew Ralph from Newport Isle of Wight said: "Thanks to Bob's patience and clear way of explaining and demonstrating, I not only passed, but had an enjoyable and informative 4 days."
posted: April 27, 2017

Mark Bumstead from Southampton said: "Thanks for a great course Bob.
Online info and example tests were very informative and helpful. Bob is a very good instructor and made sure all were fully prepared for the exam."

posted: March 24, 2017

Maggie from Hampshire said: "I can't stress enough how important it is to do the on line course work, there are a lot of facts and numbers to memorise. Fortunately, Bob has done an excellent job on this and it works really well on a tablet. Don't forget you can do it over and over again to really test yourself. It worked for me."
posted: March 10, 2017

Geoff and Bernice holden from Portsmouth uk said: "The pre course material was very useful and definitely essential reading prior to the 4 day course.
The 4 day course started and finished on time, the course content was delivered in an easy to understand manner with plenty of time to ask questions and informally chat.
The radio equipment used was up to date and practicing with the radios was really helpful and Bob was very knowledgeable.
Bob ensured we were well prepared by taking us through practice tests prior to sitting the final exam."

posted: March 10, 2017

Simon Chapman from Penzance said: "If you are looking to sail over the horizon and stay in touch then getting your Long Range Certificate is essential. In order to achieve that will involve some serious study and a mixture of examinations.
I am so pleased to have chosen YachtCom to assist in the training and preparation - the on-line element is comprehensive and thought-provoking, while the classroom training helps bring it all together with hands-on practical work on the type of equipment you are likely to need - critical for the examination.
Highly recommend this course."

posted: March 6, 2017

Chris Russell said: "Bob presents an informative and well presented course with excellent online support and ability to revise and explore further. Booking and administration is efficient and clear. Recommended :D"
posted: February 27, 2017

Simon Lye from London said: "Thanks Bob, for an enjoyable course,it helped to do the on-line course first, but you do have have to do the realistic scenarios. I'll admit I did feel under pressure, which means it was realistic."
posted: February 25, 2017

Ged Lydiate from UK said: "Great course that delivered the learning that I was hoping for. many thanks."
posted: February 24, 2017

John Weatherley from Romsey said: "The course was very instructive and enjoyable. The location is cosy and the limited capacity means that the instructor can give individual attention with plenty of opportunity for asking questions and discussing situations."
posted: February 13, 2017

Frank Sporik from London said: "A great course, done very well in easy stages, making the
final exam not to onerous. Once again thank you Bob. :)"

posted: February 8, 2017

glen sansom from Gibraltar said: "I thought arriving to the course I pretty much knew everything needed. But without the 1 day of mock exams, tests and going over the material multiple times I think I may have failed.
Thanks for a great online course and positive interactions on the classroom sessions.
I look forward to getting my Pactor and start to play!"

posted: January 15, 2017

Rodrigo de la Serna from spain said: "Nice course. nice teacher, it was good to have a practice day to check everything.


posted: January 9, 2017

Andrew Pearce from Jersey said: "Challenging and stressful but made achievable by the course on line material and clear direction and practice in the classroom. Thank you very much for making the pass possible. Strangely looking back, now I have passed , I enjoyed the experience. :)"
posted: January 9, 2017

jon moss from glasgow said: "excellent course and great facilities with all the relevant equipment"
posted: December 12, 2016

Alistair Duncan from Northampton said: "Hello Bob
Many thanks
As I said on the course, I thought the handouts, on line training and practical sessions were outstanding. I cannot suggest any improvements. Essentially if a student puts in the preparation and attends the course then barring bad luck or failing to put in the correct position , then they will pass.
Regards Alistair

posted: December 12, 2016

Kevin Gardner from London said: "I can wholly recommend YachtCom for the LRC.
There is a great deal to learn and remember but the comprehensive online lessons are broken down into manageable chunks with regular tests.
This was then reinforced with 2 days of mainly practical exercises in the classroom with Bob ahead of the exam.
Many thanks Kevin"

posted: December 12, 2016

Adrian Hart from Inverness said: "An excellent course. The on line learning is well structured and informative. The mock on line exams were very useful.
The two days spent at YachtCom introducing the radios and other GMDSS equipment complemented the on line course very well. With a focus on the practical aspects and the mock exam paper plus two goes at the practical Mayday Relay exam getting us all well prepared for the exam day. The class size (6) allows good individual tuition if needed. The 100% pass rate speaks for itself.
Thank you Bob & Claire "

posted: December 6, 2016

Alastair and Maria Forbes from Bridport said: "We both enjoyed the course. The e-learning resources were very good - the lessons themselves and the quizzes and mock exams. Arriving at the studio we felt that we knew what to expect and what we should have known! The practice r/t exercises were excellent and the real thing held no surprises when it came. We also felt fully prepared for the written test.

The individual practical part of the exam was by far the most uncomfortable for us. Still, we passed, which is what really matters! Thanks for all your help."

posted: December 5, 2016

Geoff Rogers from Christchurch said: "One of the best RYA short courses I have attended. Bob was also one of the most knowledgeable instructors in his field.

The content was also adapted to those on the course. Good experience. :o"

posted: November 21, 2016

David Holmes from Wiltshire said: "I have just completed, and passed, my LRC with YachtCom.
I used the 2 day on-line option, followed by 2 days on-site.
The on-line tutorials and mock tests are excellent - some of the best I have worked with.
Bob is an excellent tutor and I found the whole experience very enjoyable.
Highly recommended.

posted: October 20, 2016

Mrs April Darby from England said: "I have enjoyed the course. one piece of advice, don't skip the on line training, it is worth doing and prepares you for the course.
Bob is an excellent instructer and I've learnt a lot from this course. :D"

posted: October 6, 2016

Leslie Joyce said: "A very informative course with helpful and generous access to the radio equipment."
posted: September 22, 2016

Roy Macgregor from Cambridge said: "This course was invaluable - I was * * * when I arrived but with Bob's coaching I progressed from 'rubbish' to a pass. There is a lot of content but it is thoroughly covered. You do need to do a good bit of homework; but the atmosphere and camaraderie of the teaching set up is great,t and helps you along - highly recommended."
posted: September 19, 2016

Michael Sweet said: "Intensive, lively instruction, thank you. No time for day dreaming either! Just need to get my radio working now."
posted: July 4, 2016

Demangeon alain from Haute Savoie France said: "a big thank you for the patience BOB .the course content was very comprehensive and sustained for the preparation for the consideration of long range certificate
Thanks Bob"

posted: June 25, 2016

Lawrie Brice from Wincheater said: "Gtreat interactive website. If you are going to do the distant training it will help greatly."
posted: June 23, 2016

Jack Gifford from Falmouth said: "Bob,

Thank you very much for your expert tuition and guidance through the lrc. I think the online course content is great and works very well,the two day course pre exam is perfect for consolidating what has been learnt online and getting you ready for the test.

All the best,

posted: June 13, 2016

Hatty Millar from Salisbury said: "I did the 2 day course. I wished I had spent longer on the estudy which would have taken off some self-induced pressure. Bob is great! He really pushes you to the max which prepares you well for the exam. Facilities are ok. Coffee readily available all day, equipment is up to date and well maintained. You'll learn loads-great course!"
posted: June 8, 2016

Robert Jan van den Enden from Netherlands said: "Dear Bob, thanks for providing the learning ground for the Longe Range Radio certificate, there is a lof of study to be done, but the end result, passed is all that matters and we are a lot of knowledge and a certificate richer, kind regards, see you later this year in las Palmas, Robert"
posted: May 19, 2016

Charles Griffiths from Winchester said: "Failure is not an option on this course as Bob will tell you and he is right! Very professional and a must for offshore passage makers. :)"
posted: May 9, 2016

Richard Dykes from Godalming said: "Many thanks Bob for this last weekend; I was pleased to say I felt very well prepared for the examiner yesterday, so it is clearly a very effective combo Internet & classroom learning programme you provide us, and fun too. Many thanks also to Claire for the remote support during the Internet learning phase."
posted: May 9, 2016

Harvey Death from Oyster 575 Safiya said: "Thanks great course and a pass!

posted: April 22, 2016

Phil Jenkins from Somerset said: "Great day thank you"
posted: April 10, 2016

Martin Quinn from United Kingdom said: "Before I started I did resent the idea of spending so much time, money and effort getting this licence. However I have to admit that I have learnt a huge amount of really useful stuff and feel so much more confident about using all this equipment which includes not just SSB but also VHF (and I now realise that I was not really competent at that despite having the bit of paper that says I was!), SARTS, EPIRBS, Inmarsat, Navtex and hand helds. Bob has all the necessary kit and the course was a relaxed atmosphere but hard work. We did the 2 day option and I certainly spent a lot more than 10 hours study before hand but it was definitely worthwhile doing and I would recommend both the course and the venue."
posted: April 5, 2016

Michael Banner from Lytham St Annes, Lancashire said: "Bob x3 this is Mike x3
It was really good to be able to do much of the prep on line.
Bob evidently knows the subject backwards and was easily able to put all of us at ease using the radio sets and preparing us for all stages of the exam.
I feel much better prepared for use of all the radio equipment on Morning Star as a result of the course. Well done!


posted: April 5, 2016

Tiggy Nathan from Australia said: "Thank you Bob for providing us with a comprehensive and interesting SSB Radio training course. :D"
posted: March 31, 2016

Joe Hayek from Geneva said: "Excellent course given by YACHTCOM. Outstanding. Recommend it to anyone venturing more than 50 miles offshore."
posted: March 24, 2016

Victoria Hayek from Geneva, Switzerland said: "A great course with hands-on training. Recommend the online course for those who can only attend the training on the weekend. It is very informative yet simple to understand. Bob did a good job of running through the entire program in one day and the equipment is very up to date. Highly recommended for a great overall experience."
posted: March 24, 2016

Peter Royston from Alford, Aberdeenshire said: "Bob,

You already know my thoughts on the course being of a similar standard and not dissimilar to those I attended as a professional pilot. Excellent, detailed and friendly. I shall definitely recommend it to others. Paracetemol sorts out the headache!
Kind regards,

posted: March 22, 2016

Roy Anderson from South London said: "An excellent course highly recommended, Bob is a very good instructor with an easy style, but for the best results be prepared to put in the time and effort as there's a lot to learn."
posted: March 10, 2016

Roberto Arruda from Florida, USA said: "This course made me go from zero knowledge to obtaining a certificate. I'm very pleased to have known Bob and his course.
I recommend for those who can dedicate time in their own preparation before attending the classes going through all the lessons and mock tests"

posted: March 9, 2016

Richard Houghton from Gosport said: "Thoroughly enjoyed our SSB course. Bob really knows his stuff and can seemingly answer any question (and does).
His easy laid back approach made for an informal day which benefited everyone.
Learnt a great deal.

Thanks Bob :)

Kind regards

Dawn and Richard"

posted: February 29, 2016

Ian Darby from the Midlands said: "These comments are based on the 4 day LRC that I have just completed. This was a great course run by Bob. Having passed :D (thanks Bob). I would say that it isn't difficult, but there is <b>a lot</b> to remember. The one piece of advice I would give to anyone is to take full advantage of the online material and mock tests (and actually do the tests, don't just read them) that Bob makes available to you before going on the course."
posted: February 26, 2016

Paul English from Southampton said: "I did the four day Long Range. The tuition was well paced and combined with excellent online prep,course notes and equipment. Hard work but enjoyable and I got through the exam.

Thank you."

posted: February 24, 2016

Andy Wight-Boycott from Burntisland, Scotland said: "Great I passed. Bob de-mystified both MF/HF and Inmarsat; I can now face both with confidence. The admin arrangements (accommodation, maps, eating, course notes etc.)were excellent."
posted: February 18, 2016

Charles Manby from UK said: "Well run two day course. Materials on website and course notes excellent for preparation for exam and for use on board. Well taught sessions at a measured but positive pace, with a good mix of written and practical exercises. Ability to practise on the VHF and SSB equipment was very helpful. As well as passing the exam I feel much better equipped to use the SSB confidently. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D"
posted: February 15, 2016

Ian Whitmore from Guildford said: "Great course, there was lots to learn, the online work was of great benefit when I attended the 4 days.
Would highly recommend anyone to do this course."

posted: February 15, 2016

sean clarke from Epping Essex said: "I did the 1 day SSB course...... a must if you are about to install SSB.

Went through the very basics and was pitched just right. Looking forward to fitting it all now.
Thanks again Bob :)"

posted: February 9, 2016

Frank Nolan said: "I signed up for the LRC on-line modules followed by the 2 day course and exam. The coursework and classes were very good and there are ample additional resources for study and the classroom is very well equipped with radio sets for the practical work. I felt well prepared for the exam and there were no surprises on the day. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I enjoyed it all!

Thank you very much, I would highly recommend the training at Yachtcom.

My very best wishes to you and Claire for Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Kind regards
Frank Nolan"

posted: December 16, 2015

Brian Morrison from Fort William said: "Great course, very thorough, resulting in everyone passing. Highly recommended."
posted: December 8, 2015

Derek Manning from West Sussex, England said: "Bob was first class, the face to face tuition was involved, but made fun. The three days tuition prior to the exam covered all that is required to pass,
BUT when Bob sends you the initial information do as he says!!! and do all the questions and the test papers I say again All the questions and test papers,
I know it will make life so much easier.
Thanks Again Bob

Class of 2015"

posted: December 7, 2015

Terry Hackett from Frimley said: "I have been putting this course off for years thinking that it would be 4 days of pain.

The teaching was just at the right level, plenty of hands on and the minimum amount of powerpoint.

A great course and a great instructor. Others on my course had travelled far and wide for good reason.

Thank you; and I hope to never have to use most of what I learnt (MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY)"

posted: December 7, 2015

Liebwin van Lil from Belgium said: "Very interesting course. Excellent mix of theory and practical knowledge. Small groups make sure you have acquired the knowledge by the end of the course."
posted: November 13, 2015

Bob Stickland from Glasgow said: "Lots to learn. A very intensive but enjoyable few days. Good teaching from Bob and excellent course notes which guide you and prepare you for the exam. The online study prepared by Bob is first class, very user friendly and helpful. A lot of the RYA courses could benefit from this type of approach. I leant so much. Thanks"
posted: October 27, 2015

Matt Sargent from Thorney Island said: "Great course, well delivered. And very efficient: my certificate arrived today in time for my trip"
posted: October 24, 2015

Jon Herod from Salisbury said: "Thanks for an interesting and informative day Bob. I'll certainly be back to you for the LRC in the future."
posted: October 22, 2015

N Jenkins from Lymington said: "Having completed my GOC 15 years ago it was time for a refresh. Excellent course, full of information and excellent equipment. Bob's a walking MF/HF Almanac ! Definitely recommend."
posted: October 19, 2015

Steve Parker said: "Thanks Bob,
Your expertise and experience in all matters radio and comms.was much appreciated and your training and instruction was excellent.
I will definitely be recommending you to others.
Thanks again.

posted: October 14, 2015

Alan Canavan from Ireland said: "I have enjoyed the course immensely and found Bob to be an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable.Delivery of the syllabus was punctuated by perfectly timed coffee breaks.

Thank you Bob and Claire !

Alan Canavan. :!clap:"

posted: July 2, 2015

Graham Ponsford from Chichester said: "Thank you ,Bob, for an excellent and enjoyable introduction to the world of long range radio. Really useful four days and looking forward to using the privileges of my new certificate."
posted: June 15, 2015

Geoff Mills from Oxford said: "Great radio course, not my first with you and unlikely to be my last."
posted: April 26, 2015

Ian & Ann Clarke from Cambridge said: "Really pleased we came on the course, and that we have both done it.

Along with giving us the "ticket" to use the radios it has convinced me that there is real benefit in fitting an SSB to our yacht, the more I found out the more I was convinced that it will be a long time before Sat Phones will be the main option for long-term cruising, I'm not sure they will ever provide the cruising community aspect that an SSB does.

Very impressed.

Tango Hotel Alpha November Kilo Sierra

Callsign 2GHK2"

posted: April 21, 2015

Ann Clarke from Near Cambridge said: "Many thanks for all your support, resulting in all of us passing."
posted: April 21, 2015

Colin strachan from Exeter said: "Bob
Re LRC course 16-19 April 2015
Excellently run course over 4days but you do need to have done some work before hand
The e- learning section is excellent and prepares you well for the classroom

posted: April 20, 2015

Alastair Forbes from Buckinghamshire said: "An excellent Radar course yesterday (Sunday 22 March 2015). The facilities provided by YachtCom were very suitable for the purpose and Bob our instructor was personable and evidently well up on his subject. He explained everything clearly and was very patient with us during the plotting exercises. I have experienced several RYA courses and this was certainly one of the best - I recommend it for anyone who has (like me) recently acquired radar, or just wants to know how to use it more effectively."
posted: March 23, 2015

Roger Lawson-Lee from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire said: "Dear Bob,
I booked only 10 days before the course, the online course in preparation for the exam was very effective. In my particular case I did not have time to take mock exams before the course, however, I rapidly picked up on the day before the exam. Much of my success was due to the quality of the online course.
Thank you for getting me through. :)"

posted: March 20, 2015

Steve Jackson from Scunthorpe UK said: "The GMDSS HF training course isn't just a ticket (certificate) to allow you to use a HF Radio. It's far more than that. It's a very informative training course, and it's fun to be there. You'll come away with a comprehensive knowledge of how to operate your radio, and you'll have confidence to use it when you need to. I did the 4 day course, and I would highly recommend doing the 4 days. There is a lot to learn! Thank you Yachtcom."
posted: March 19, 2015

Richard Mortimore from Ammanford said: "The yachtcom on-line packages including the 1-24 lessons are excellent, and sound preparation for the 4 day course. Bob's skilled training technique along with the superb supporting material and equipment, leads you to feeling a certain level of confidence by the exam day.

It was great to meet the other candidates and exchange stories and Bob has many to support your knowledge and understanding. With Bob's impressive technical mind we all came away with alternative, better and less expensive, solutions to our onboard coms.

Thank you Bob and Claire for making it such an enjoyable few days and getting me through my LRC."

posted: February 21, 2015

Phil Tadd from Teignmouth said: "An excellent course, lots to cover in a short time but the online training proved effective and the classroom days enabled enough practice to consolidate the learning."
posted: February 19, 2015

Mike Hawker from UK said: "Many thanks for all your help - a very valuable course and a great precursor to the exam. Mike"
posted: February 6, 2015

Martin Halliwell from Luxembourg said: "An excellent couple of days, thoroughly enjoyable, I have not had to remember so much since University!!
I would recommend the course, great job many thanks"

posted: February 3, 2015

David Pattisson from Lymington said: "Excellent back-up for installation of the SSB radio, Bob supplied it with all the necessary cables and lots of useful information. He is always very helpful on the phone and by email. The e-study option for the LRC course was well presented and easy to follow. The final 2 days in-house were extremely useful with plenty of equipment and time to practice everything, which helped the exam go smoothly!"
posted: February 3, 2015

Philip Lee from Grantham said: "An excellent course delivered professionally and at the right level. The training aids, course notes, download and on-line learning facility are nothing short of outstanding. However, very worrying that Bob is monitoring our every keystroke.....Big Brother Bob!
I will be recommending this course and centre to all who need it at JSASTC and other friends / colleagues.
Many thanks for making it interesting, enjoyable and painless. :!cool:"

posted: February 3, 2015

Gareth Jones from Somerset, UK said: "A very comprehensive course, and a must if you hope to pass the exam. The hands-on practical use of the equipment is invaluable."
posted: January 26, 2015

Roy Parrott from Sheffield said: "The RYA Radar course was very interesting, comprehensive and answered all my questions. :o"
posted: November 12, 2014

Peter Forbes from dorset said: "An excellent course - I learned a huge amount of good quality new stuff."
posted: November 11, 2014

Peter Forbes from Dorset said: "The course which was a refresher for me was perfect and covered all the aspects of SSB operation which I need. Thank you very much. :D :D"
posted: November 5, 2014

Carl bb from Bournemouth said: ":D
Great to get so much technical detail.
The most confident I have ever been.
Thank you"

posted: October 7, 2014

Roger Avent from COMMS said: "Hi Bob,
Thanks for a day packed with good relevant stuff.
See extract from my report on your day of education "Excellent presentation by an experienced yachtsman and radio comms user with a background in the cellular phones business. Excellent value for money.
An entertaining stream of asides and opinions drawn from his experience."

I have only 1 question that I failed to ask on the day:
What do you think causes the rising audio tone (from the ICOM M802)when a file is being received from the SailMail server?

Interested to hear your answer

posted: July 7, 2014

Angus from Outer Hebrides said: "Firstly very good pre-course study available online which I felt prepared me well for the attending days.

Pleasant course environment with knowledgeable instructor.

Quality radio equipment provided to learn on.

Overall good learning experience which I would (& have) recommended to others.

Many thanks


posted: June 22, 2014

Rita Atkinson from Christchurch, Dorset said: "I have just attended the Long Range Radio course, and I have to say I really enjoyed it a great deal.

I was a little apprehensive before attending, as I have not had much experience of working with radios, and expected everyone to know so much more than me, but the on-line learning was gave me a knowledge base to do the 4 day course, and gave me a lot of confidence.

Bob is a great teacher and pitched the course very well for all levels of understanding, and is a very patient teacher.

If any women are considering the course but feel that it may not be for them, I would encourage them to give it a go...yes you will be in the minority, but Bob explains things very well, and the course is structured perfectly to give you confidence in using the radio, and a knowledge of the frequencies to use.

Thank you very much for an enjoyable and very useful experience, I would recommend this course to any one who is considering long distance sailing."

posted: June 5, 2014

dr nick fabbri from london said: "Really comprehensive training .
did the 2 day course with the distant learning module and was surprised at how good the online software, lessons and quizzes were.

The training is full on but covered in a way that I would recommend to anyone.

Many thanks"

posted: June 5, 2014

Tony Martin from Worcestershire said: "Having completed the online training and the (intensive) two day course, I was well prepared for the exam.

The course notes are extensive and the online tests and practice exams prepare you well.

As Bob says prepation is all important and you do need to have done you homework before you arrive."

posted: May 25, 2014

Philip from Scott said: "An excellent course"
posted: May 15, 2014

Mark Blaydes said: "I have attended a previous VHF DSC course elsewhere, and was disappointed with the level of knowledge they were able to drum into me.
The Yachtcom Long range radio course is a much more difficult subject, but I felt very confident at the end of the course, that I had sufficient understanding to be able to use the equipment properly. Well done"

posted: May 14, 2014

Bob Timmerman from Netherlands said: "I value the support I received prior to my LRC exam very highly. Thanks for everything.

Kindest regards,

posted: April 29, 2014

James from London said: "Fantastic teaching style which enables you
To soak up the information required to pass the exam , thanks"

posted: April 14, 2014

Chris Stitt from IOW said: "Well structured course, presented in a relaxed atmosphere. Would thoroughly recommend."
posted: April 14, 2014

Roger Allen-Muncey from Cheshire said: "The online home study course was excellent although having spent a couple of days with Bob I can appreciate how good the four day course must be.
Thanks to Bob's good offices I achieved my certificate and now cannot wait to get back out to the boat to use my newly acquire skills.
Thanks Bob.


posted: March 6, 2014

Alistair Bruce from Shropshire said: "Online training followed by classroom tuition was exactly what was needed to pass the course and more importantly to be proficient with the equipment, many thanks :!cool:"
posted: March 4, 2014

Hugh Fogerty from Limerick, Ireland said: "An excellent course which was well presented. I am glad that I did the computer part of the course and the full four days. At my age there is only so much information that the brain can absorb and retain so I need to take every opportunity to 'listen and learn'.
Thank you Bob a job well done."

posted: March 4, 2014

Ian and Jackie Byrne from Warrington said: "A very useful and necessary course. We were well prepared for the exam by Bob - very thorough course notes and lessons. So pleased we both passed! Thanks for your patience Bob!"
posted: February 21, 2014

Martin Rutt from Sussex said: "An excellent course. Well prepared, painstakingly supported and executed by a Master of the subject - and everything around it! Great course mates added to the fun and camaraderie, and in the end..................I passed. Blimey!Someone must be doing something right!
Looking forward to getting in front of the mic. Thanks Bob and Claire."

posted: February 11, 2014

Terry Standing from Gloucestershire said: "An excellent LRC course, thank you Yachtcom. The on-line training really helped me prepare for the course not having any previous experience with MF or HF radio, not to mention Inmarsat. The quizes and mock examine are extremely useful once you have completed each exercise. I completed the 4 day course and found it excellent, Bob's knowledge and experience is second to none and the four day course gives you all the time available to absorbe as much as you can from him. I felt well prepared for the exaime, which was comprehensive and well structured by the external examiner. The facilities at Yachtcom are ideal, the 1st floor radio room is very good for practical hands on with all radio equipment and Bob kindly arrives early each day so you can go over things again if you need too. Thank you Bob and Claire. :D"
posted: February 11, 2014

Adam Power from Norfolk said: ":)

Just got though the course having been quite certain that I would be unable at my age to absorb, retain and reproduce any new information. However with Bob's clear and patient instruction I surprised myself and in the end felt quite confident that I could trick the examiner into believing that I know enough to pass! I may even be able to remember how to relay a comprehensible distress message under real stress conditions. Lets hope class of 04/02/14 never need to use mayday in practice. Happy sailing!"

posted: February 5, 2014

Martin Lunt from Shropshire said: "Thank you Bob for such an interesting and informative 4 days. I have come away with my LRC certificate, but more importantly I have had the opportunity to learn so much from Bob about the use of radio communications at sea, both practical and theory. This course is a must for anyone thinking of cruising outside coastal waters. Thanks also to the other "students" for making a memorable weekend!"
posted: February 5, 2014

Jack Lillingston from France said: "It has been many years since I attended a course as good as this one. For me an SSB set was high on the list of essential equipment for our circumnavigation.

Before the course just looking at an SSB radio made me nervous. However after Bob's knowledgeable, patient, clear instruction I can know be confident to set off, knowing that I can keeping contact with civilisation - no matter where we end up.

Fantastic! I can wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone thinking of doing the same. Well done Bob."

posted: January 24, 2014

Steve Litson from Twyford, Berkshire. UK said: "A facinating course. Bob is full of amusing anecdotes and essential information. I took the four day course and it whizzed by, preparing me for the exam and giving me the chance to decide which radio would fulfil my needs. I would throughly recommend Bob Smith and Yachtcom to anyone considering where to take the LRC."
posted: December 4, 2013

Alan Parker CBE from London said: "Bob runs an excellent course and I recommended attendance for all who want to delve into the mysteries of SSB. My new knowledge is going to be invaluable as we do the ARC in Oyster Reach later this month. Thank you Bob and well done. If I can pass then anyone can !"
posted: November 8, 2013

Jim Wallace from Southampton said: "Bob
Thanks for a well run and organised course. All that we learnt and practiced was relevant and interesting and I can't wait to get on my SSB set and practice.

Best wishes

posted: November 6, 2013

Anne Lloyd from First Class Sailing said: "The LRC course run by Bob Smith at Yachtcom was a very thorough preparation for the AMERC exam, and all the candidates passed with flying colurs. However, in addition it proved a most intersting course in its own right and Bob's expertise and depth of knowledge in the subject shone through. I really enjoyed the course and I am really looking forward to getting some live experience in the field.

I would thouroughly recommend Yachtcom and its associated company Sailcom if you have an interest in MF/HF radio communication. They clearly lead the field.

Many thanks"

posted: October 11, 2013

Nigel Higgs from Emsworth said: "An excellent course which met all my needs with the added bonus of being enjoyable. Many thanks Bob for the additional help and advice on my MF/HF rig."
posted: September 20, 2013

John Graham from Poole said: "A big thanks to Bob and his company Yachtcom. I completed the 2 day version of the course. The on line learning was very well laid out, easy to understand and very comprehensive. It all slotted into place when I had a chance to use the equipment. Bob gave some extra time and support on the radios and other GMDSS kit which paid dividends on the exam/assessment day. A very well structured course which for a change is very relevant to all mariners."
posted: September 20, 2013

Paul Moore from Andover said: "Thanks Bob for navigating us through the short range course. Great set up. Paul"
posted: July 22, 2013

David Gozzard from North Wales said: "Many thanks Bob and Claire for the preparation, website and delivery of the course. Your welcome and camaraderie (even when the wrong answers were given!) was much appreciated. I can thoroughly recommend your course to anyone considering the purchase of a MF/HF radio. I'm not sure I went from zero to hero in the last few days but enough knowledge and practical skills were imparted to satisfy the examiner. Once again many thanks."
posted: July 9, 2013

Bill Dickson from Chepstow said: "Thanks Bob. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and your help and instruction in the last 2 days was excellent.
Going through multiple questions to reinforce learning is good as well as was the practical aspects of the course.
Would highly recommend.

Bill Dickson"

posted: June 27, 2013

Tim Guy from Poole said: "Top job Bob : we all passed the Long Range Certificate :)

The on line study is very comprehensive and its additional depth helped me to both get a better understanding and more easily remember that critical information that the examiner is looking for."

posted: June 5, 2013

Chris Diggins from Reigate said: "Thanks Bob.

The online training was very good and could be completed in a few evenings of study.
The hands on course was very useful in particular familiarising ourselves with all of the equipment and practicing the practical exam sessions.

posted: May 25, 2013

Ulf Michael Werner from Germany said: "Thank you Bob, fine experience I made. I have learned not only radio skills but also I have trained my listening and english speaking. Very intensive 4 days"
posted: April 26, 2013

Colin Villiers from Londom said: "Thankyou Bob.
A very well structured course. The Online Course was excellent, followed by a very friendly 2 days in the classroom.
We all passed, what a great result.
Many thanks again

posted: April 10, 2013

Nigel martin from Guildford, boat in Hamble said: "A good course with excellent attention and focus on the final day examination which certainly got us all a good pass.

For those experienced in the radios and VHF procedure, it may be possible to accelerate the first 2 days, compressing into one with the aid of the on-line learning.

I would recommend this course. The environment and levels of equipment provided was very good.


posted: March 25, 2013

Monica Stewart from Scotland and on board in Portugal said: "Having done the on-line study & coming for the two days, I wasn't sure if I had done enough on line - although I had taken it very seriously [if anyone is doing this, I'd suggest it's not just two days' worth of training when you are doing it on your own - it's very different to the classroom environment, however hard you work] to be up to speed on everyone else's day 3. However, with Bob's reinforcement and revision and useful feedback from other students, the exam day went really well and we all passed - thank you Bob!

Anyone who has done their DSC/VHF course recently will find that there is quite a bit of repetition in radio procedure and distress techniques, but this is absolutely vital to get completely right in the exam - it's a large part of the syllabus."

posted: March 22, 2013

Chris Bright from Caribbean said: "Thanks Bob. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It would be easy to stress about the exam but you filled us with the confidence which comes from being fully prepared. The distance learning option with the day of practical experience on-site certainly suited me."
posted: March 22, 2013

Paul Thompson from Dorset said: "Thanks Bob, Great experience and results. I found the online course very helpful and would like to keep access for future reference. I hope this is possible?


posted: March 21, 2013

Chris Higham from Moonraker said: "A very well organised course which thoroughly prepared me for the exam. Attending for the full four days was commitment but enabled me to network with other students to fully understand what I wanted to achieve regarding the comms setup on my yacht."
posted: March 21, 2013

Mike Price from Jersey said: "Excellent tuition both in person and on-line. Bob is not only hugely knowledgeable about all things radio, but also has the ability to pass it on in a way that even I can understand. Delighted to be 'legal' and have a LRC to take on the ARC. Thanks, Bob."
posted: March 14, 2013

Madeline Hibberd said: "Thoroughly enjoyed the SSB / GMDSS course. Found the online lessons very good and the practical and revision day before the exam just what I needed to get through the exam. Thank you

posted: March 6, 2013

Chay Blyth from Hawick, Scotland said: "SSB/GMDSS course. Great course, well constructed, very detailed, with upto date equipment for instruction and use.
Totally pleased with delivery and content
Highly recommended. Chay"

posted: February 20, 2013

Neil Goodyear from Farehsm said: "I attended the half day VHF SRC upgrade course and found Bob to be a highly knowledgeable and engaging instructor. The Yachtcom website tools gave me an excellent refresher prior to attending the course and after Bob's input I found the exam a doddle. This is the second time my family has come to Yachtcom for instruction (radar course last time). I thoroughly recommend them."
posted: February 10, 2013

BARRY WILLIAMSON from GLASGOW said: "Having dashed down last weekend to avoid the snow and back, again to avoid the snow, its a pleasure to reflect on the few memorable days in between at Yachtcom.
As others have said, Bob`s style of teaching with multiple repetitions, especially on the penultimate day,was hugely helpful in remembering the detail and in preparing for and sitting the exam(s).
His no nonsense,firm but friendly approach ensured that the significant amount of detail was absorbed.
The organisation both from Bob and from Claire was inch perfect.
The teaching aids on the website are first class!
There is also lots of practical advice freely given for anyone about to purchase and install an SSB system.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and would certainly recommend it to anyone about to depart for the blue yonder. You`ll learn a lot!"

posted: January 25, 2013

Colin Porteous from Lochwinnoch Scotland said: "Hi Bob
What a great week. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, your method and pace of teaching I think suited us all. Thank you very much.

posted: January 25, 2013

Jon Lister from Bristol said: "Dear Bob,

This is a brief and inadequate note to thank you for having me on the Long Range Certificate course over the last few days. I particularly enjoyed your your excellent method of instruction and the relaxed, two way learning environment. These things, coupled with the interesting and like minded students made the course a hugely enjoyable occasion. My only hope is that you will view my nervousness about remembering some of the detail in preparation for the examination as a measure of my keenness to succeed. I needn't have worried: you tought us well. Thank you again for everything.

Best regards,


posted: January 25, 2013

Michael Foote from Isle of Wight said: "Many thanks Bob for a great and successful course. The days were well structured with the right balance of tuition and revision. It all worked on the day
Thanks again

posted: December 4, 2012

Colin Sharratt from Planet earth said: "Hi Bob,
The on-line training is very thorough as indeed is the practical course. Enjoyable too!
Many thanks,

posted: December 4, 2012

Ewan Lovett-Turner from Portsmouth said: "The two day course was very well structured. The pre-course materials were comprehensive and easy to use. Bob and Claire were very clear in managing the expectations of the work required before attending the course, which meant there were no surprises on arrival. Bob is a very knowledgeable instructor which made the course hassle free. I'm enjoying putting my skills to work in the Bahamas, although some of the local procedures aren't as strict as the UK (e.g Hotel reception calling housekeeping on Ch16!)



posted: December 30, 2012

Dave Harrison from Northampton said: "Hi Bob. Great course, enjoyed every minute of the 3+ days LRC. Online training was a great advantage and being able to do a bit here and there mean't it wasn't too taxing. Will definately recommend YachtCom to anyone who is considering the LRC."
posted: December 5, 2012

Barry Edmonds from Hampshire said: "The online training ( prior to the course ) was invaluable, well presented, clear, logical and something to complete at 'leisure'. The 3 day(+) course was excellent with both content and presentation, made all the better for interacting with others under Bobs watchful, and humorous eye. Outstanding in every respect. Thank you.( and thank goodness I don't have to sit the exam again)."
posted: December 5, 2012

Joe from Dorset said: "Thank you very much Bob

Great course content and very informative

Highly recommend

Gardline Shipping
Great Yarmouth"

posted: October 25, 2012

Paul Adamson from Skipper Oyster 885-01 said: "Hi Bob,

Just to say thanks for a great course! Very informative and professional!

Would recommend you to anyone who wants some top class instruction in marine radio! :0)


Paul :D"

posted: October 10, 2012

Colin Ladd from Aberdeen said: "Hi Bob,

Many thanks for the course. It was well set up and the notes were excellent. The pace was about right but I was glad I'd spent some time working through the e-learning pre-work before I came.

Colin Ladd"

posted: September 22, 2012

Paul Ducker from Derby said: "Hi Bob,

Many thanks for the well structured 4-day course, which was well detailed and delivered. Would recommend to anyone interested in getting the most out of their yacht radio equipment.


posted: September 21, 2012

Alberto Fioretti from Italy said: "Dear Bob,
Thank you very much for all your effort. Your course was excellent, well structured and very effective.
All the best,

posted: July 15, 2012

Sue & Geoff Morris from SPENT said: "Dear Bob

Thanking you for your excellent tuition and patience. We are so pleased that we all passed including yourself - Well Done!


posted: July 14, 2012

Ed Whelan from Hampshire said: "Thanks for a very well organised and well run course. Bob is a master of his subject, and I could not have been better prepared for the examination on the last day. I found the on-line pre-course training particularly helpful."
posted: June 13, 2012

Debbie from UK said: "Thank you for a great LRC course, the on-line study was very convenient and the format of the two classroom days was perfect for really building confidence in preparing for the exam."
posted: June 6, 2012

Mike from UK said: "Thanks for a great LRC. I feel a lot more confident to start fiddling with the * * * on the SSB I inherited with the new boat! :!cool:"
posted: May 22, 2012

Bill said: "Thanks for the LRC course, which I found excellent.
Not surprising that your pass record is so good, both the instruction and the exam preparation were first class.
To have such a nice bunch of fellow students was a bonus.
I also enjoyed my revision evenings in
The Jolly Sailor.


posted: February 3, 2012

Steve Lawrence from Phuket, Thailand said: "I've been sailing for years around the Andaman and South China Seas in the belief that VHF and DSC was of little practical use to me. Yachtcom's short range course not only made me 'legal', but has unlocked the huge potential of my radio equipment and greatly improved my chances of summoning help in the remote areas which I sail. The amount of information received, and Bob's effective and cheerful manner in dispensing it, made the day extremely worthwhile and enjoyable."
posted: January 23, 2012

Michael Wood from Buckie said: "Found the online tutorials and tests an excellent way to prepare for the LRC course. The four days spent in classroom were of a very high and professional standard. I would gladly recommend YachtCom to anyone wishing to obtain their LRC License. Many thanks."
posted: November 15, 2010

john foord from sittingbourne said: "a big thankyou bob, the course is professionally run with the latest equipment. the on line training is hard going but prepares you extremely well for the on site training and exam. :!cool: :!cool:"
posted: November 14, 2010

Massimo Zanotti from Italy said: "Hello Bob, I definitely confirm that it was well worth coming all the way from Italy to participate to your LRC course. You are able to prepare your students very professionally and the mass of infos goes straight in the head. Very positive experience. I will recommend you to my friends. Well Done! Thank you"
posted: July 7, 2010

Ray Watts from Broadstairs said: "Bob, the standard of instruction, course material, your patience and professional approach guided me through the nightmare of frequencies, regulations, what if's and radio log practices to an exam pass, thanks for giving me the confidence to succeed."
posted: May 12, 2010

Elin from IOW said: "I found the course challenging, and am thrilled to have gained my certificate.
Very impressed by the course materials and the on-line training - and your patience!
Thank you very much.
Now for the Atlantic.. "

posted: May 12, 2010

peter Bell from South Croydon said: "Bob - finished yr course with flying colours - it was very hard work for me - but you got us through. It all made sense on the last day, and i am glad i spent so long going through the online tutorials. It is hard work - but well worth doing and you helped - Many Mercis."
posted: May 11, 2010

Vic said: "Name: Vic

Hello Again
A belated note to thank you for an absolutely excellent course : clearly directed at the exam , but interspersed with enough anecdote and general radio chat to keep our interest.

Having access to all the kit and allowed for frequent questions.

The exam itself was a natural sequel and as you expected gave 100% success.

The booking and administration were painless and not surprisingly led onto a very friendly welcome on day one.
When I have sorted out my next boat I have no doubt where to seek the SSB system to intall.

Congratulations to YachtCom...

Kind Regards

posted: February 26, 2010

Mike Naworynsky from Oxford said: "GDSS SRC course - well delivered and nicely paced. Thanks Bob."
posted: June 14, 2009

Chris Brion from Devon said: "I was very impressed with your LRC course that I attended last November. There was a lot of ground to cover and the two day option with prior home study requires self discipline. But the pre-course internet training programme was excellently set out and anyone who follows it conscientiously should pass. As you know, the pass rate on our course was 100%. I was also impressed with your obvious knowledge and experience on the technical side and have recommended you to a number of people interested in fitting HF equipment in their boats. I have just completed installing my amateur station on our boat and will look out for you.
Chris Brion

posted: March 25, 2009

Chris Smith from JSASTC said: "A very thorough and well delivered course. Superb preparation for the exam, which did much to reduce pre-test nerves."
posted: March 20, 2009

Neil Penman from Devon said: "A professionally run and informative course taught by a knowledgeable instructor."
posted: March 19, 2009

Rachelle Turk from London said: "My husband and I took the SSB-LRC and were very pleased the the quality of materials and training given by Bob. We had plenty of time to go over the material in depth and Bob's practical lessons and drills saw everyone pass the test. Thanks for your help!"
posted: January 23, 2009

Richard Fye from Manchester said: "The LRC course was extremely useful and fulfilled all my expectations and needs. The good range of equipment allowed much practical hands-on training and the very effective teaching helped me prepare for the exam. I appreciated the professional approach. Many thanks. "
posted: November 22, 2008

Bill Redgrove said: "Hello Bob, just a quick note to say thanks for the course, I found it well structured, interesting and productive. It was packed with information and good tips and I'm glad I managed to use the online training too. Hope you have a good time in Panama and look forward to getting in touch when you get back for the Pactor etc.

all the best

Bill R"

posted: October 27, 2008

Roderick Brown said: "Dear Bob,

Many thanks for your patience, perseverance and good humour throughout the recent LRC course that you ran this week.

It was a real challenge to get on top of all the content as well as procedural stuff within the three days and your detailed notes, practical sessions and mock exams really did the trick in the end.

Many thanks, and greatly appreciated.

Have fun and wishing you fair weather over the next 6 weeks or so!

Kind regards, Rod "

posted: July 11, 2008

Simon Fisher said: "Hi Bob,

I just wanted to say thanks for hosting the course last week - not to mention making sure I passed the exam.

It was very interesting and informative and I can safely say I am much more knowledgeable about all things GMDSS now. Hopefully it will set me in good stead for the forthcoming Volvo race although I am rather hoping that I won't be needing to press the Red button!

I hope you got some nice sailing in over the weekend despite the forecast. If it makes you feel any better it rained here in Spain too.

All the best,


posted: May 26, 2008

Dave Street from Lymington said: "Dear Bob,
Many thanks for a great day. I really enjoyed it and took away a lot!

posted: April 27, 2008

Jim Clark said: "HI

Thank you for your help the other day, it is nice to find someone who knows about ssb radio like you guys at Yachtcom.

Thank again.


posted: March 28, 2008

Steve from Reading said: "Bob
Good course content and well presented. Good refresher after getting "ticket" 20 years ago. Thanks for advice on how to set up my new DSC as manual sadly lacking in this detail.
Thanks again

posted: March 23, 2008

Adrian said: "Bob

Just a brief note to say thank you for running such a successful training course - successful as well as being enjoyable. Will catch up later in the year when I get back from our next trip to Cape Town.
Once again my most sincere thanks.

posted: March 21, 2008

Mike Costello from Bedfordshire said: "Many thanks for the LRC course which I thoroughly enjoyed. Its given me the incentive to get my HF rig back online. It was also good to network with the rest of the course. It was an interesting mix.


Mike "

posted: March 21, 2008

Gill Evans from Hampshire said: "Dear Bob,

Just to say Peter and I thought our course was excellent.Peter for updating his VHF knowledge and learning about DSC and I for the whole day's work.I especially enjoyed practising the various different emergency calls.To be able to use working radios was essential for gaining confidence!"

posted: March 21, 2008

Ken Barker said: "I wish I had done this course a few years ago. The use of a simulator provides realistic realtime situations and a better insight to getting the best out of radar and importantly it's limitations. The AIS system is fantastic and considering it only needs a new aerial and a laptop is a huge aid to nav in our increasingly crowded waters. The course is worth a day of anybodies time just for this. The limited class size means everybody is involved.

I am sure that on some miserable foggy day, tired after a long passage I will make a more confident landfall thanks to this course.

A day well spent.

Many Thanks,

Ken B "

posted: February 26, 2008

Ken Barker from Dorchester said: "Brilliant course. Intensive, thorough, stimulating, expertly taught and with first class equipment for the practical side of the course. This has to be the best course for the LRC certificate anywhere.

The bonus is that if you have a question about marine communications Bob Smith has the answer - guaranteed.

Many thanks,

Ken Barker


posted: February 25, 2008

Bent Lisdorf from Denmark said: "I had studied the LRC syllabus before arriving at the LRC course February 2008.That was a good idea. Even if Bob is an eminent, outmost competent and inspiring instructor, you have to do a good part of the job by yourself if you want to pass the exam. I did, and by this occasion I want to thank Bob for four nice days and a passed exam.
Bent from Bruxelles OUT"

posted: February 23, 2008

Albert Cook from Bristol, UK said: "Thank you Bob for a very enjoyable LRC course.
As stated i was originally questioning why 4 days. Well, I soon found out there was alot more to learn and understand.

The structure of the course was excellent along will the facilties. I am sure the rest will agree that your instructional skills are excellenta and you needed and had the patience of a saint.

No doubt I will be in touch in the not too distant future in respect to a new 801 and modem.

Thanks again.

Albert "

posted: January 25, 2008

James H D Newman from Kent said: "Very enjoyable and intensive course covers the subject matter in detail. Good value.
Cheers Bob."

posted: January 24, 2008

Bob Smith from Southampton - UK said: "Welcome

Please leave any feedback or comments you have about our websites here, just click Sign guestbook at the top of this page.

Please see website for bookings, orders or sending emails to us.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Bob - YachtCom"

posted: December 27, 2007