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Explore the world of marine GMDSS radio with YachtCom.

The GMDSS Long Range Certificate covers all marine communications types, MF/HF/(SSB), VHF DSC along with SARTs and EPIRBs operation and if required Inmarsat-C.

On the YachtCom GMDSS Long Range Certificate course, you will use a wide range of real marine communications as you would fit on a yacht. Equipment such as the Icom M801E (similar to the M802), MF/HF (SSB) and Icom M601 and M323 VHF DSC marine transceivers.

The GMDSS Long Range Certificate is a must any sailor planning to spend time at sea and is issued by AMERC on behalf of the MCA and is a higher level certificate to RYA Short Range Certificate.


Note: If you have a Long Range Certificate you DO NOT need a Short Range Certificate!

Flexible LRC course dates with 2 day or 4 day option

Long Range Certificate course over 2 days.
Please only consider doing the two day LRC on-line course if you can do the following:-

  • Be prepared to complete ALL the on-line study.
    • Usually takes 15 to 20 hours.
    • Allow several days to complete the on-line study.
  • You have very good Internet access.
  • You can attend our training studio near Southampton for 2 days.
 Start DateFinish dateCourse CostExam fee 
7th December, 2019 8th December, 2019£350.00£140.00FULL
13th January, 2020 14th January, 2020£350.00£140.00

8th February, 2020 9th February, 2020£350.00£140.00

2nd March, 2020 3rd March, 2020£350.00£140.00

21st March, 2020 22nd March, 2020£350.00£140.00

6th April, 2020 7th April, 2020£350.00£140.00

22nd April, 2020 23rd April, 2020£350.00£140.00

4th May, 2020 5th May, 2020£350.00£140.00

13th June, 2020 14th June, 2020£350.00£140.00

22nd July, 2020 23rd July, 2020£350.00£140.00

21st September, 2020 22nd September, 2020£350.00£140.00

21st October, 2020 22nd October, 2020£350.00£140.00

LRC course over 4 days:
Four day LRC course with exam at our training studio near Southampton with access to our pre-course on-line study.
 Start DateFinish dateCourse CostExam fee 
11th January, 2020 14th January, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

6th February, 2020 9th February, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

29th February, 2020 3rd March, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

19th March, 2020 22nd March, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

4th April, 2020 7th April, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

20th April, 2020 23rd April, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

2nd May, 2020 5th May, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

11th June, 2020 14th June, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

20th July, 2020 23rd July, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

19th September, 2020 22nd September, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

19th October, 2020 22nd October, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

3rd December, 2020 6th December, 2020£ 440.00£140.00

If you wish to do the Inmarsat-C module, then please contact the office.

Group and Individual tuition available by arrangement.

    Long Range Certificate covers:-

  • Marine MF/HF (SSB) & VHF radio
  • Digital Selective Calling
  • Radio procedures - routine, urgency and distress communications
  • Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts
  • Maritime radio services
  • Radio propagation, antennas and wavelengths
  • Radio maintenance - daily, weekly and monthly checks
  • Radio regulations and legal requirements
  • Satellite communications - Inmarsat C & fleet 77
  • image

Who should attend this course:-

  • Anyone planning to sail further than 50 miles off-shore :
  • Blue Water sailors
  • Ocean Yachtmaster
  • Yachtsmen taking part in ocean yacht rallies :
  • World Cruising Club
  • Oyster World Rally
  • Odyssey rallies
  • Skippers taking part in ocean races :
  • Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
  • Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
  • World ocean racing
  • Commercial yachts
  • Workboats
  • Pilot boats
  • Fishing boats

    Our equipment:-

    • Marine MH/HF (SSB) transceiver -Icom M801E and M710
    • Marine VHF transceivers - Icom M601, M323
    • ICS Electronics DSC2 DSC class 'A' DSC unit
    • NASA NAVTEX receiver
    • EPIRB and SART
    • Inmarast-C simulator

    About the Exam:-

    • The certificate is issued by AMERC on behalf of the MCA
    • The exam independently examined on the final day at YachtCom's training studio.
    • Prerequisites: Candidates must be 16 or over to obtain certificate and be fluent in English.

Course Agenda

  • Day 1 - Radio propagation, frequencies, SSB and VHF operation, GMDSS, Navtex, EPIRB, SART, weatherfax and email
  • Day 2 - Digital Selective Calling (DSC), radio regulations, radio procedures, Inmarsat Satellite & EGC SafetyNET.
  • Day 3 - Practical use of equipment including GMDSS procedures, radio telephone group exercise and mock exams.
  • Day 4 - Revision, course conclusion and exam.
Coffee/Tea is served from 08:30 with the course starting at 09:00 and plan to finish around 17:00.
Comfort breaks are around 10:30 and 15:00 with a 45 minute lunch break between 12:45 and 13:30.
Lunch is not provided, however there is local convenient store 100 metres away.


    Student Numbers

      Student numbers are kept to a maximum of 6 students per course, so early booking is advised.

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Customer feedback

Andrew Pearce said: "Challenging and stressful but made achievable by the course on line material and clear direction and practice in the classroom. Thank you very much for making the pass possible. Strangely looking back, now I have passed , I enjoyed the experience. :)"

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