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If you are looking for a marine VHF radio operators certificate, then you may what to consider obtaining a certificate that covers all aspects of marine communications. The Long Range Certificate covers not just VHF but all parts the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) .

Why study for half a certificate when you can get a full one!

GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC)

The holder of a GMDSS LRC with Inmarsat endorsement and a STCW Navigation Watch Keeping Certificate may apply to the MCA for a form to apply for a GMDSS ROC.

All officers who have to comply with the requirements of the STCW Code must have their GMDSS Certificate endorsed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

To obtain an STCW endorsement, send a completed STCW Application Form (currently MSF 4354 rev 02/14) together with supporting documentation to the Maritime Coastguard Agency.
See for further details.

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GMDSS Long Range Certificate (LRC) covers

  • DistressMarine MF/HF (SSB) & VHF radio
  • Digital Selective Calling
  • Radio procedures - routine, urgency and distress communications
  • Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts
  • Maritime radio services
  • Radio propagation, antennas and wavelengths
  • Radio maintenance - daily, weekly and monthly checks
  • Radio regulations and legal requirements
  • Satellite communications - Inmarsat C & fleet 77

Who should attend this course:-

sailing yacht
  • Anyone planning to sail further than 50 miles off-shore
  • Blue Water sailors
  • Ocean Yachtmaster
  • Yachtsmen taking part in ocean yacht rallies.
  • World Cruising Club
  • Oyster World Rally
  • Blue Water Rally
  • Odyssey rallies
  • Skippers taking part in ocean races
  • Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
  • Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
  • World ocean racing
  • Commercial yachts
  • Workboats
  • Pilot boats

Flexible course dates with 2 day or 4 day option

with exam on the last day

Long Range Certificate course over 2 days.
Please only consider doing the two day LRC on-line course if you can do the following:-

  • Be prepared to complete ALL the on-line study.
    • Usually takes 15 to 20 hours.
    • Allow several days to complete the on-line study.
  • You have very good Internet access.
  • You can attend our training studio near Southampton for 2 days.
 Start DateFinish dateCourse CostExam fee 
4th June, 2018 5th June, 2018£340.00£140.00

20th June, 2018 21st June, 2018£340.00£140.00FULL
7th July, 2018 8th July, 2018£340.00£140.00

12th September, 2018 13th September, 2018£340.00£140.00

24th September, 2018 25th September, 2018£340.00£140.00

8th October, 2018 9th October, 2018£340.00£140.00

24th October, 2018 25th October, 2018£340.00£140.00

5th December, 2018 6th December, 2018£340.00£140.00

LRC course over 4 days:
Four day LRC course with exam at our training studio near Southampton with access to our pre-course on-line study.
 Start DateFinish dateCourse CostExam fee 
2nd June, 2018 5th June, 2018£ 420.00£140.00FULL

18th June, 2018 21st June, 2018£ 420.00£140.00FULL

5th July, 2018 8th July, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

10th September, 2018 13th September, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

22nd September, 2018 25th September, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

6th October, 2018 9th October, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

22nd October, 2018 25th October, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

3rd December, 2018 6th December, 2018£ 420.00£140.00

Group and Individual tuition available by arrangement.

About the Long Range Certificate

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Long Range Certificate is a higher level certificate to the RYA Short Range Certificate and allows you to operate on any marine MF/HF/VHF frequency/channel and Inmarsat satellite from on-board your yacht.
We keep the technical stuff to a minimum and concentrate on the practical use of equipment. Knowledge of Morse code is not required.

The GMDSS Long Range Certificate is an ideal course for skippers of non-SOLAS vessels, commercially endorsed yachtsman or off-shore and ocean leisure sailor looking at blue water sailing.

NOTE: The Long Range Certificate covers both VHF and MF/HF (SSB).
If you hold a Long Range Certificate you do NOT have to have an RYA Short Range Certificate!

The agenda for each day is as follows:-

  • Day 1 - Radio propagation, frequencies, SSB and VHF operation, GMDSS, Navtex, EPIRB, SART, weatherfax and email
  • Day 2 - Digital Selective Calling (DSC), radio regulations, radio procedures, Inmarsat Satellite & EGC SafetyNET.
  • Day 3 - Practical use of equipment including GMDSS procedures, radio telephone group exercise and mock exams.
  • Day 4 - Revision, course conclusion and exam.

YachtCom has a wide range of equipment:-

  • Marine MH/HF (SSB) transceiver -Icom M801E and M710
  • Marine VHF transceivers - Icom M601, M323
  • ICOM IC-M623 VHF transceiver
  • ICS Electronics DSC2 DSC class 'A' DSC unit
  • NASA NAVTEX receiver
  • EPIRB and SART
  • Inmarast-C simulator

About the Exam:-

  • The certificate is issued by Radio Colleges (AMERC) on behalf of the MCA
  • The exam is in 4 parts and is independently examined on the final day at YachtCom's training studio.
  • Prerequisites: Candidates must be 16 or over to obtain certificate.
  • At YachtCom we have a maximum of 6 students per course/exam.


Customer feedback

Terry Standing said: "An excellent LRC course, thank you Yachtcom. The on-line training really helped me prepare for the course not having any previous experience with MF or HF radio, not to mention Inmarsat. The quizes and mock examine are extremely useful once you have completed each exercise. I completed the 4 day course and found it excellent, Bob's knowledge and experience is second to none and the four day course gives you all the time available to absorbe as much as you can from him. I felt well prepared for the exaime, which was comprehensive and well structured by the external examiner. The facilities at Yachtcom are ideal, the 1st floor radio room is very good for practical hands on with all radio equipment and Bob kindly arrives early each day so you can go over things again if you need too. Thank you Bob and Claire. :D"

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